OOO! Giygas is so scary, ooo! (sarcasm)

Giygas is the final boss of the SNES video game Earthbound (aka: Mother 2). Giygas is quite common around the internet due to its horrifying and unsettling appearance. Giygas has also caused many arguments. The most common is about Giygas being a fetus or some crap like that. In the Giygas battle, Giygas will change into many different shapes, one resembling as a fetus (actually it doesn't look anything like a fetus so I don't know why people would say that) and the room that you enter before fighting Giygas resembles as a vagina that doesn't look like a vagina at all. Can you imagine that?! Also, some people argue that Giygas is also Giegue (a final boss in the original video game, Mother). They even said that on the original Mother wikia, can you believe that?!?!? I mean seriously people the original Mother video game mentioned nothing about Giygas being Giegue or whatever. Anyways, Giygas was created because the creator of Earthbound was at the movie theater one day and was like "Ooo! Ima going to go to a movie!" and he just like walked right into a rape scene that wasn't really a rape scene and he was like "OH MY GAWD!!! I POOPED MY PANTS" and then he got the idea to create Giygas to make you poop your pants when you play Earthbound. What's the scariest about Giygas though is that like when you pirate the game because your too much of a n00b to buy the real thing, the game will freeze during the Giygas fight, and play a creepy song, and then Giygas will like eat all your saves, so STOP BEING A n00b AND JUST BUY THE GAME!!! Anyways, the point is, Giygas is awesome

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OH MY GOD!!! RONALD MCDONALD IS GIYGAS!!! ZOMG Giygas sucks at singing