Once upon a time a local boy, named Micheal, was just chilling out in his house watching some South Park, when South Park was just like "GINGERS DON'T HAVE SOULS!" and then Micheal was like "Fuck! Gingers do have souls!" So then he created a YouTube account and made a video called "GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS" and in it he was like, "Gingers do have souls and South Park is a shitty show!" Meanwhile, in the troll's secret base, the head Troll tracked down Micheal's video on his account, CopperCab, watched it, and was like "Trolls, we have a new target!" So the next day, Micheal went on YouTube and he saw all the Troll comments and was like "WHAT DA FUCK!!" So then he went to Peru, nah just kidding. He made another video ravin' and rantn' about all the Trolls. And that's how CopperCab defeated the Trolls forever...Nah! Instead the Trolls continued to Troll and the Haters continued to hate. Will Micheal ever defeat the Trolls? Will CopperCab manage to never get suspended? Will the author of this article ever find love?...TO BE CONTINUED!!!